The Green Brothers Novelty Band
George Hamilton Green, Joe Green & Band

The All Star Trio
George Hamilton Green, F. Wheeler Wadsworth & Victor Arden

Joe Green, George Hamilton Green
(Pictured with Leedy instruments)

Teddy Brown
Xylophonist with Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra (1917-1919)
Joseph C. Smith's Band at New York's Hotel Plaza (1919-1924)
(Pictured with Besson xylophone)

Teddy Brown, originally Abraham Hildebrand (or Himmebrand), was born in 1900 and first played with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. At a performance in Lancaster, NY with Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra at the Brunswick Hotel, he was introduced as the leading marimba soloist of the world and played 4 mallet arrangements on a Deagan Marimba-Xylophone No. 4726 accompanied by the 18 piece swing band. In the audience was the young Clair Omar Musser (born 1901) who, upon hearing this performance, was so impressed that he later traveled to Washington, D.C. to study with his former teacher, Philip Rosenweig. From 1931, Teddy Brown played xylophone on radio, films, and the variety stage.

Video of Teddy Brown

Harry Breuer
Xylophonist for Roxy Theater and Radio City Music Hall (1920s),
Warner Bros. and Fox Movietone (1920s-30s),
NBC Radio, New York (1940s-70s)

Sammy Herman
Xylophonist for NBC Studios, New York (1928-1966)

Lionel Hampton
Pioneered jazz vibraphone with
Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman (1930s)
Independent Recording Artist (1940s-1960s)

Red Norvo
Xylophonist for Benny Goodman
Independent Recording Artist (1930s-1960s)

Lou Singer
Xylophonist for Spike Jones / Mickey Katz
Film, TV, & Radio, Los Angeles (1930s-1960s)