Deagan Glock Bars and Resonators

Among the first instruments J.C. Deagan produced were flat top glocks with squared edge bars. Deagan later manufactured a roundtop bar with a rounded edge and "Parsifal" glocks were marketed as superior models within the Deagan catalog. As Deagan perfected his instruments, a variety of resonators were being developed for glock racks and cases. Here are a few examples.

Model Number Type Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Notes
Flat Top3 C-C1x1/2Pre-1910 Early model case resonators with fins and Halcomb steel bars - same model without resonators
Flat Top2.5 G-C1x1/2Pre-1910 Early model case resonators without fins (case rebuilt)
Round Top2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/16Pre-1910 Early model case resonators
Round Top1 1/4x7/16Pre-1910Early model rack resonators with fins
Round Top3 C-C1 1/4x7/161910-32Parsifal rack resonators without fins
Round Top2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/161918-30Parsifal case resonators - narrow openings for lower notes graduating to wider openings for higher notes

*Credit and thanks to Scott Higgins for assistance with photos and information on this page.