Deagan "Nabimba"

The Deagan Nabimba is a new instrument, the latest addition to the Marimba family, and consists of famous Deagan Nagaed bars mounted on frames in connection with our very latest patented Nabimba resonators. The Deagan Nabimba has a tone impossible to describe and is unquestionably the greatest instrument of its kind ever put upon the market. The tone when played soft resembles that of a mandolin, while when played medium loud the tone is very similar to that of a bass clarinet, or saxophone, and on the lower register the tone resembles that of a tuba, or in other words, the tone is a beautiful blend of string and wind instruments, and as the instrument is adaptable for playing either slow or fast music, it is unquestionably the greatest novelty instrument ever made.

The instrument is very durable and has the additional advantage of being very light in weight, takes apart and packs same as an ordinary Marimbaphone and the instrument can be played by one or more performers, according to size and range.

As the Nabimba ranges very low in tone and as the tone of same blends beautifully with that of a Xylophone, the Nabimba can be used in connection with Xylophones, as a solo or accompaniment instrument, and if you are looking for a big novelty instrument, we are sure that the Deagan Nabimba will fill the bill in every way.

Source: Deagan Catalog G

Deagan "Nabimba" With Resonators
Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Nabimba7040 2 F-F  High Pitch
Nabimba7140 2 F-F  Low Pitch
Nabimba7042 2 F-F (LOW)  High Pitch
Nabimba7142 2 F-F (LOW)  Low Pitch
Nabimba7044 3 F-F  High Pitch
Nabimba7144 3 F-F  Low Pitch
Nabimba7046 3 C-C  High Pitch
Nabimba7146 3 C-C  Low Pitch
Nabimba7048 3 F-F  High Pitch
Nabimba7148 3 F-F  Low Pitch
Nabimba7050 3.5 C-F  High Pitch
Nabimba7150 3.5 C-F  Low Pitch
Nabimba7052 3.5 F-C  High Pitch
Nabimba7152 3.5 F-C  Low Pitch
Nabimba7054 4 F-F  High Pitch
Nabimba7154 4 F-F  Low Pitch
Nabimba5 OCT 5 C-C