Deagan "Nagaed Marimbaphones"

Deagan Nagaed Marimbaphones consist of famous Deagan Nagaed Wood bars mounted on frames, each bar being equipped with a specially designed Deagan patent resonator. The Nagaed wood from which these instruments are made is of the very finest selection and no wood is used which has not been seasoned and treated for at least 5 years.

Deagan Nagaed Marimbaphones can be played with both bows and mallets same as the Deagan Steel Marimbaphones.

Deagan Nagaed Marimbaphones have a tone that is a revelation in music, being very deep and mellow and must be heard to be appreciated. In the lower register the tones have a tone that is similar to that of the very finest Tympany, and when the instrument is played with three or more mallets the tone resembles that of a Grand Pipe Organ.

We manufacture these instruments in two sizes of bars; the smaller instruments are designed for ordinary use, such as in small Theaters, Homes, Churches, etc., while the larger instruments have a tone of sufficient volume to fill the very largest auditorium.

Source: Deagan Catalog G

"Deagan Nagaed Marimbaphones" With Resonators
Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Marimbaphone4410Nagaed2 C-C1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4510Nagaed2 C-C1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4412Nagaed2.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4512Nagaed2.5 C-F1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4414Nagaed3 F-F1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4514Nagaed3 F-F1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4416Nagaed3 C-C1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4516Nagaed3 C-C1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4418Nagaed3.5 F-C1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4518Nagaed3.5 F-C1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4420Nagaed3.5 C-G1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4520Nagaed3.5 C-G1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4422Nagaed4 C-C1 5/8x5/8 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4522Nagaed4 C-C1 5/8x5/8 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4430Nagaed2 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4530Nagaed2 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4432Nagaed2 C-C (LOW)2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4532Nagaed2 C-C (LOW)2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4434Nagaed2.5 C-F2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4534Nagaed2.5 C-F2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4436Nagaed3 F-F2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4536Nagaed3 F-F2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4438Nagaed3 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4538Nagaed3 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4440Nagaed3.5 F-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4540Nagaed3.5 F-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4442Nagaed3.5 C-G2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4542Nagaed3.5 C-G2x15/16 Low Pitch
Marimbaphone4444Nagaed4 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Marimbaphone4544Nagaed4 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch