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Deagan Parsifal Bells "New Style Roundtop"

Deagan "Roundtop Parsifal Bells" are the latest and greatest improvement in the way of Orchestra bells. Deagan regular Parsifal bells have been on the market for some time, and have met with phenomenal success everywhere, and since the incorporation of Roundtop Bars with Parsifal Bells we believe that we can conscientiously offer to the professional drummer a bell which is without a peer.

Deagan "Roundtop Parsifal Bells" are absolutely without over-tones or counter harmonics, and when a bar is struck you hear nothing but the pure tone of the bell. No jingling or disagreeable overtones.

Deagan "New Style Roundtop Parsifal Bells" can be had either mounted in case with resonators or on floor rack with resonators, as illustrated herewith. The resonators over which the bars are mounted are the latest style patented resonator, which add greatly to the volume as well as sweetness of the tone of the bell.

Parsifal bells are loud enough for the largest band (you simply cannot drown them out) when played with ordinary hammers, and when played with soft hammers they are an ideal accompaniment for songs, etc.

We claim for Deagan Parsifal Bells the following points of excellence:

The finest and purest tone of any bell in the world.

Absolute perfect tuning.

Finest possible workmanship, combined with most handsome appearance.

No reflected light, as with flat-top bars. Roundtop bars do not blind your eyes.

Easy to play.

Source: Deagan Catalog D

Deagan Parsifal Bells "New Style Roundtop" Mounted in Flat Cases with Resonators

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Bells320Parsifal2 C-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells321Parsifal2 C-C7/8x3/8 Low Pitch
Bells322Parsifal2.5 F-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells323Parsifal2.5 F-C7/8x3/81910-20Low Pitch
Bells324Parsifal3 C-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells325Parsifal3 C-C7/8x3/8 Low Pitch
Bells330Parsifal2 C-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells331Parsifal2 C-C1x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells332Parsifal2.5 F-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells333Parsifal2.5 F-C1x7/161910-20Low Pitch
Bells334Parsifal3 C-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells335Parsifal3 C-C1x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells359Parsifal2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells59Parsifal2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells360Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells60Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/4x7/161918-30Low Pitch
Bells361Parsifal3 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells61Parsifal3 C-C1 1/4x7/161918-30Low Pitch

Deagan Parsifal Bells "New Style Roundtop" Mounted on Floor Racks with Resonators

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Bells459Parsifal2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells559Parsifal2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells460Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells560Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells461Parsifal3 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells561Parsifal3 C-C1 1/4x7/161910-32Low Pitch
Bells462Parsifal3.5 F-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells562Parsifal3.5 F-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells463Parsifal4 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells563Parsifal4 C-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells475Parsifal2 C-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells575Parsifal2 C-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells476Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells576Parsifal2.5 F-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells477Parsifal3 C-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells577Parsifal3 C-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells478Parsifal3.5 F-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells578Parsifal3.5 F-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells479Parsifal4 C-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells579Parsifal4 C-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch

"Deagan Roundtop" Orchestra Bells "New Style Roundtop Bells" Mounted in folding cases

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Bells1019Roundtop2 C-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells1119Roundtop2 C-C7/8x3/8 Low Pitch
Bells1020Roundtop2.5 G-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells1120Roundtop2.5 G-C7/8x3/81910-29Low Pitch
Bells1021Roundtop3 C-C7/8x3/8 High Pitch
Bells1121Roundtop3 C-C7/8x3/8 Low Pitch
Bells1022Roundtop2 C-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells1122Roundtop2 C-C1x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells1023Roundtop2.5 G-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells1123Roundtop2.5 G-C1x7/161910-29Low Pitch
Bells1024Roundtop3 C-C1x7/16 High Pitch
Bells1124Roundtop3 C-C1x7/161910-22Low Pitch
Bells1028Roundtop2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells1228Roundtop2 C-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells1029Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/161910-20High Pitch
Bells1229Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/4x7/161910-29Low Pitch
Bells1030Roundtop3 C-C1 1/4x7/16 High Pitch
Bells1230Roundtop3 C-C1 1/4x7/16 Low Pitch
Bells1035Roundtop2 C-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells1235Roundtop2 C-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells1036Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells1236Roundtop2.5 G-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch
Bells1037Roundtop3 C-C1 1/2x1/2 High Pitch
Bells1237Roundtop3 C-C1 1/2x1/2 Low Pitch