"Deagan Professional" Xylophones

"Deagan Professional" Xylophones have been on the market for a number of years, and can be had made of either Nagaed or Klyposerus wood.

These instruments are equipped with resonators, and mounted upon floor racks, and are the instruments which have made the name of Deagan a byword with Xylophonists the world over.

"Deagan Professional" Xylophones may be had in any desired scale or range, and we particularly call your attention to the innovation in the method of listing these instruments. For instance, No. 865 is a regular three octave Professional Xylophone, this instrument being the three upper octaves of No. 872 which is a four octave Xylophone, while No. 866 is a three octave Xylophone, being the middle three octaves of No. 872, and No. 869 is a three octave Xylophone, being the lower three octaves of No. 872.

In the past there has been a great demand of Xylophones of a lower register than the regular instruments, so that we now list Xylophones of various scales and in various registers. We now list these Xylophones owing to the demand of larger Professional Xylophones, and we are sure that you will find, among the various instruments listed, just the instrument you have been looking for.

Source: Deagan Catalog E

"Deagan Professional" Nagaed Xylophones With Resonators
Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Xylo762 2.5 G-C1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo862 2.5 G-C1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo763 2.5 C-F1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo863 2.5 C-F1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo765 3 C-C (LOW)1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo865 3 C-C (LOW)1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo766 3 F-F1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo866 3 F-F1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo769 3 C-C1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo869 3 C-C1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo770 3.5 F-C1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo870 3.5 F-C1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo771 3.5 C-G1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo871 3.5 C-G1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo772 4 C-C1 5/8x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo872 4 C-C1 5/8x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1610 2.5 G-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1710 2.5 G-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1611 2.5 C-F2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1711 2.5 C-F2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1612 3 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1712 3 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1614 3 F-F2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1714 3 F-F2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1615 3 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1715 3 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1616 3.5 F-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo 1716 3.5 F-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1618 3.5 C-G2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1718 3.5 C-G2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1619 4 C-C2x15/16 High Pitch
Xylo1719 4 C-C2x15/16 Low Pitch
Xylo1601 3 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1701 3 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch
Xylo1602 3 F-F1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1702 3 F-F1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch
Xylo1603 3 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1703 3 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch
Xylo1604 3.5 F-C1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1704 3.5 F-C1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch
Xylo1605 3.5 C-G1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1705 3.5 C-G1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch
Xylo1606 4 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 High Pitch
Xylo1706 4 C-C1 7/8x1 1/8 Low Pitch

"Deagan Professional" Klyposerus Xylophones With Resonators
Mounted on Floor Racks

Instrument Model Number Name Octaves & Range Bar Size Date Built Tuning
Xylo775 2.5 G-C1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo875 2.5 G-C1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo777 3 C-C1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo877 3 C-C1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo778 3 F-F1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo878 3 F-F1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo779 3 C-C1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo879 3 C-C1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo780 3.5 F-C1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo880 3.5 F-C1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo781 3.5 C-G1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo881 3.5 C-G1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo782 4 C-C1 5/8x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo882 4 C-C1 5/8x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo790 3 C-C2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo890 3 C-C2x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo791 3 F-F2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo891 3 F-F2x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo792 3 C-C2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo892 3 C-C2x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo793 3.5 F-C2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo893 3.5 F-C2x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo794 3.5 C-G2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo894 3.5 C-G2x7/8 Low Pitch
Xylo795 4 C-C2x7/8 High Pitch
Xylo895 4 C-C2x7/8Custom paint jobLow Pitch