Deagan Catalogs

The Deagan Company produced a large variety of instruments and accessories including mallet percussion instruments, tower chimes, electrically operated instruments, dinner calls, tuning forks, mallets, sound effects, and parts for pipe organs to name a few. The following is a partial list of the early Deagan catalogs (circa 1920's).

Catalog Contents
ADeagan Tuning Forks
BDeagan Bells
CDeagan Altar Gongs
DDeagan Orchestra Bells - 126 Models
EDeagan Xylophones - 160 Models
FDeagan Electrically Operated Instruments - 240 Models
GDeagan Marimbaphones - 100 Models
HDeagan Novelty Instruments [Organ Chimes, Aluminum Harps, Musical Rattles, etc]
IDeagan Cathedral Chimes
JDeagan Dinner Calls
KDeagan Special Attachments for Pipe Organ, Automatic Instrument and Clock Manufacturers
LDeagan Tubular Tower Chimes